To provide all Muslims a daily Holy Quran verse and a Hadith

  1. Subhanallah my brother i hope Allah will give you a high position in jannah and the best reward exactly.ameen


  2. hi you are doing great job…MASHALLAH…but i want smthing.i want the sequence of all verses..like first verse was IQRA BISMI RABBI…AFTER THIS VERSE WHICH VERSE CAME FROM ALLAH..AND FROM FIRST TO THE LAST…do u have some idea???i hope u understand what i mean to say??


    • Brother Asalam O Alikum,

      1st thanks for appreciating.
      2nd, i froward your question to appropriate person, as soon as i got answer i forward it you.

      Jazak Allah


  3. Dear Brother Azhar Babar,

    Here is the answer of your question.
    After the first five Ayat of surah e alaq, in 2nd revelation was surah e almudasir.

    Wallah o ilam Sawab.


  4. ALLAH pak iska ajar day


  5. good job bhai….
    May Allah Bless u


  6. syed sarfaraz al

    Masha allha ,lt’s great achievement from your Hardwork and reliable.


  7. I need quran from first ayat brotm


  8. Subhanallah!


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