Daily Quran and Hadith 15 May 2015


About Tahir Alvi

Software Engineer By Profession, Belong from Islamabad, Pakistan.

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  1. God bless you, friend. I really like your idea and am always checking on what new in your blog. please keep it up!

    I have an idea that I know might be difficult to apply, but I would just say it. It would be amazing if you could link in one way or another between the verse and the hadith you present together in the same blog entry. This link might be through meaning, time, stories, or even people. I know it is not easy to do that and you do not have to do it. I am just saying the idea!

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    • Dear Amir,

      I really apprciate your idea, yes its worhwhile. Inshallah I will tr my best to implement something like in this blog soon.

      JazakAllah, stay with peace & may almighty ALLAH bless on you and your family.Amin.

      Tahir Alvi

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